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I’ve been using My Pony Sunblock on my boy for 3 years, I’m still using last years this year ( first pot got dropped a few times so ran out) I bought my first and second one from the States. I apply it every evening and if I ride during the day I reapply. It does last 24 hrs, it leaves a thin film on my boys nose and eye. It is water proof and you can apply it to a wet or dry area. I apply Billy’s, with the sponge supplied, as a powder, you can apply it as a paste. I wouldn’t use anything else on him. Here he is with it on. 

Jaq O’keeffe, Cardiff Wales


















Thank you so much! My overo paint is so happy with your product. Last summer was really bad she got burned and my vet had to do a biopsy because he didn’t know what was wrong…results were a sunburn. All summer is put gooey baby sunblock on her every morning. We have had a very hot winter here in CA and she already has begun shedding. I just received your product and am so happy. Not only is it protecting her but her beautiful face is bright and white instead of gooey with sunblock. Photo if myself and my paint Kachina. Thank you again!!!










Photo courtesy of Csquared Imagery





Brilliant stuff, use it on my boy’s nose and above/under his eye…, here in Wales, yes we do have sun, sometimes lots of it


12 Responses to Testimonials

  • I have used this product on my two paint mares and it is incredible!! No more fly mask full of dirt and so easy to apply every evening when I feed.

  • Absolutely Wonderful Product
    Posted by Becky on 11th Jun 2012

    I have been using this sunblock on my horses noses since I first saw it advertised. Two years ago we got a miniature whose white back sunburned badly at the start of summer. I used the sponge wet and covered his whole back and this sunblock stayed on through rolling in dirt, and daily work and play! It stayed on quite a bit even after a bath! I now use the same small container on a bald faced horse we just got. It lasts and is a very good value!

  • EXCELLENT! Easy to use & stays on!
    Posted by Vikki in New Mexico on 22nd May 2012

    I have a big paint gelding with a thick white blaze and muzzle. I tried the long nose fly masks, but they are too hot/restrictive and he removes them within an hour.
    His nose is already burned from our desert sun, and it is only May! I used this product today and it went on smooth and easy with the enclosed sponge. I put it on dry and so far, it has lasted through breakfast, lunch, drinking, a nap and playing with his buddy in the adjoining paddock. A little went a long way; I think this jar will last the whole summer! Thank you:)

  • My daughter and I can’t say enough about My Pony Sun Block! We were so tired of her poor paint horse getting sun burnt, his nose cracking and peeling. No matter how much of the regular human sun block we used, he still got burnt. The gooey heavy products were wiped away in the grass when he grazed and the lighter formulas washed away when he drank water. We had to keep an endless supply of Bag Balm on hand to heal all his sores. And we all know what it’s like to search for a fly mask in a field of high grass…forget it.

    Finally our farrier asked if we had heard about My Pony Sun Block. What a life changer for our paint and now also for our newest pony who has a white stripe on her muzzle. My Pony Sun Block’s powder formula stays on when they graze and when they drink water. No more sticky goo and the horses don’t mind the powder at all. You will need to purchase a few extra sponges as the one they send you doesn’t last long but that’s no big deal. We prefer a larger sponge any way and they are easily found in stores that sell cosmetics though we prefer a particular sponge sold at our local tack shop. For our 2 horses we go through about 2 large tubs during summer – fall.

    Don’t hesitate to buy this great product, your horse deserves it!

  • I’d just like to say that this is the easiest sunblock that I’ ve tried. Billy doesn’t like having anything applied to his face but he will let me apply this with very little protest. I would fully recommend My Pony Sunblock to anyone whose horse has pink skin, it does “exactly what it says on the box” and stays on till next application. Also can I thank you for shipping it over to me in Wales, yes we do have sun over here in UK……occasionally! Will definately buy again.
    Many thanks.

  • This product works great! My palomino has a very protected muzzle, thanks to My Pony Sunblock. I love the sponge applicator which makes it so easy to apply and it really holds up on hot, sunny days. No more sunburn for him! I like the fact it is specifically made for horses and the ingredients are not toxic. I also use it on my pony’s little white snip that always turns bright pink in the summer. The medium tub does last a full two months and I apply it heavily. Such a great product!!

  • I love this product. I have been using it for years. My appy mare has a pink nose and this product really works. It doesn’t have a smell so my mare doesn’t mind me putting it on her at all. It is the only sunscreen I will ever purchase for my horses. It is the best!

  • I have been using this on my paint gelding for 2 years now and I use it literally all year long. I put this on every other day and I have noticed even going this way that he does not get burned. This product is amazing and as long as I have my gelding I will be using this sunblock.

  • I love this product! My paint no longer suffers from sunburn. When I bought her she was covered with blisters. I researched and after trying various zinc creams I found your product! I have used only it for 3 years now. I recommend it to every owner of sunburnt horses! Thanks for such a great mess free and easy to use product!

  • I’m delighted with My Pony Sunblock. My Appaloosa pony lives outside, but she hates the smelly, greasy cream sunscreens. She started refusing to be caught, even at meal times, because she knew she’d get sunscreen put on. I found My Pony Sunblock and I put it all around her nose and mouth, her eyes, and a particular area on her back. No more burns, no more running from me in the field, and I found it even acts like make-up for the show ring, making her nose a little whiter and clean looking. I recommend it to everyone!

  • I was introduced by a friend to your product after trying many different items. I have now been using it for 8+ years. I have a bald face paint with double blue eyes and he has a photosensitization issue during the summer months here in Arizona when the UV rays are at their worst. My Pony Sunblock is fantastic!!! It has saved him from bad sunburns and help so his skin doesn’t blister and bleed as bad as it would be without it. Now we also use many other sun protective measures but My Pony Sunblock is a life saver I will never not have it in my tack room or horse trailer… Thank you Charity Martinez and Cisco!!

  • I bought my mare, Holly, from a friend. They had some kind of purple stuff to put on her nose to keep it from sunburning, but didn’t like the appearance and found it to be too much trouble to apply. I looked on line and found My Pony Sunblock and have been using it on her for about 3 years. My first jar has lasted a long time because I only have to apply it every 2-3 days in the summer. I just ordered a new supply since I’m getting low and I’ve started using it on myself as well. Around the acreage, I prefer the white on my face and arms to having the greasy stuff that collects dirt and drips and runs in my eyes when I sweat.

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