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Patent #’s

US Patent # 6,743,416 B2

AU Patent # 10/ 262,475

My Pony Sun Block™ Natural Sun block For All Types of Pets and Animals.

Horses, Dogs, Cats, Cows & Pigs — Good for all types of white-haired, pink unpigmented skin!

Uses pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and is fragrance and chemical free!

Safe for all animals, it is made with all natural non-irritating minerals, which have a natural affinity to the skin.

Daily application of minerals gives instant chemical free protection that will last all day!




We would LOVE for any of our loyal customers to send us pictures and testimonies of how you have used My Pony Sunblock

and how it has worked for you and your pet whether you have a dog, cat, horse, pig or any other type of animal!

We are going to make a video and would love to include your animal in this production.

When sending your pictures and testimony please state in your e-mail that we have permission to use your picture on

the website, and please include your animals name and your names as you would like it shown as we will include this with

the picture/s and your testimonial on the video. Thank you in advance. My Pony Sunblock





We now have three sizes of My Pony Sunblock

Our all NEW 2 oz. with a small applicator for dogs and cats.

Our very popular 4.5 oz with regular applicator for all types of large animals.

And a 9 oz. Economy size for when you have more animals or just want to save a little buying the larger size to last longer.